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Fresh Air Retreat – Park City 2022

Amazing sponsors and Brands

Liz and Lauren did so much work organizing the retreat, and it really showed with all the amazing sponsors and brands that we got to meet and talk to in person.

One of the mornings we had a delicious breakfast bar that showcased JUICI apples from Starr Ranch Growers. If you’ve never had one, RUN to your nearest grocery store and go pick some up! They’re sweet with a hint of tartness, and have THE BEST CRUNCH of any apple I’ve ever had.

Another morning we had an Instagram-worthy breakfast bar full of nut butters and treats from Justin’s, followed by a really great fireside chat with two of their brand representatives. We went on a hike afterwards and you better believe I stashed a whole bunch of their individual packs of nut butter in my hiking bag.

One of the most fun things we did was take part in a charcuterie board workshop hosted by Creminelli Fine Meats. Everyone, including Chef Trimell, made their own personal charcuterie board and we learned fun ways to style and place everything. I finally even learned how to make a little charcuterie rose!

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